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Manufacturers of Video & TV TunerS:
3dfx Interactive Inc Agere Systems American Megatrends Inc.
ATI Technologies Inc. Aureal Semiconductor Broadcom Corporation
Brooktree Corporation C-Cube Microsystems C-Media Electronics Inc.
Chromatic Research Inc Creative Technology LTD. Ensoniq
Epson Fujitsu Ltd. Fujitsu Microelectronics Ltd.
Hewlett-Packard Company Internext Compression, Inc. Jazz Multimedia
lota Mapletree Networks Inc. Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
Megachips Corporation miro Computer Products AG Motorola
Ncipher Corp. Ltd NEC Electronics NetMos Technology
Nextcom K.K. Philips Semiconductors PLX Technology Inc.
Sigma Designs Inc. Silicon Image, Inc. Sony Corporation
stefan minehan Texas Instruments Toshiba America
Unknown Vendor Winbond Electronics Corp. Winnov L.P.
Zilog Zoran Corporation  

Device Brief: Video & TV Tuner

What is a Video & TV Tuner driver?

A TV-Tuner or other specialized video card has to work doubly hard. It has to translate coaxial signal from the cable or satellite company and transform it into something your computer can read, display on your screen, and adjust for channel changes.


Problems Associated with Video & TV Tuner s

Drivers here facilitate the way these cards distribute data, displaying not just one TV channel but all of them. Without an optimized driver, you can't surf stations or record media. Having an obsolete driver diminishes your ability to adjust settings or causes you to miss your programming altogether.

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