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Manufacturers of Audio & Sound DeviceS:
3A International Inc. Acqiris Adaptec Inc
Adicti Corp. Advanced Logic Research Inc. Advanced Micro Devices
Advanced Peripherals Labs Advanced Technology Laboratories AG Communications
Agere Systems Alcatel Cit Ali Corporation
Alps Electronic Corp. Ltd. Altos India Ltd. Analog Devices, Inc.
Applied Micro Circuits Corp. Archtek Telecom Corp. Ariel Corporation
ArtX Inc Ascii Corporation Asiliant (Chips And Technologies)
ATI Technologies Inc. Attansic Technology Audiocodes Inc
Aureal Semiconductor Avance Logic Inc. Award Software Int'l Inc.
B2C2 Inc Berg Electronics Broadcom Corporation
Brooktrout Technology Inc. C-Media Electronics Inc. Chameleon Systems Inc
Compu-Shack GmbH Computrend Conexant Systems, Inc.
Coreco Inc Creative Technology LTD. CSS Corp
Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing Cypress Semiconductor Data Translation, Inc.
Datakinetics Ltd Diatrend Corporation DLoG GMBH
Dome Imaging Systems Inc Dynachip Corporation EFA Corporation Of America
Elsag Bailey EMC Corp. Ensoniq
Epson ESS Technology Fast Electronic GmbH
Forte Media Gainbery Computer Products Inc. Gec Plessey Semi Inc
Goldstar Co. Ltd. Hermstedt AG Hitachi Computer Electronics
Honeywell IASD Hyundai Electronics America I-O Data Device Inc.
IC Ensemble, Inc. Image Technologies Development INH Semiconductor
Integrated Device Technology Inc. Integrated Telecom Express Inc intel
Intel Corporation Jato Technologies Inc. Jazz Multimedia
Kolter Electronic - Germany Leading Edge Products Inc Leitch Technology International
Linear Systems Ltd. LSI Logic 53C1030 Device Lynx Studio Technology Inc
Mediamatics Meidensha Corporation Melco Inc
Mellanox Technology Micro Computer Systems Inc. Microcomputer Systems (M) Son
Microgate Corp. Mitsubishi Electric Logistics Support Co Motorola
Ncipher Corp. Ltd Ncube Neomagic Corporation
Nexgen Microsystems Nitsuko Corporation Nortel Networks Corp.
NVIDIA Oakleigh Systems Inc. Olympus Optical Co. Ltd.
Optivision Inc. Panacom Technology Corporation Parsytec GmbH
Peppercon AG Platform Technologies Inc. Powermatic Data Systems Ltd
Quadrics Ltd Racore Computer Products Rasterops
Realtek Semiconductor S3 Graphics Co., Ltd Sand Microelectronics
Scion Corp Silicon Image, Inc. Silicon Integrated Systems
Silicon Laboratories Silicon Spice Inc. Soyo Technology Corp. Ltd.
stefan minehan Stratus Computer Switched Network Technologies Inc.
Tandem Computers Tatung Corp. Of America Technical Corp
Tekram Technology Corp. Ltd. Testernec Texas Instruments
Times N Systems Inc Toucan Technology Transtech Parallel Systems
Tricord Systems Inc. TRIDENT MICRO Troika Networks Inc
Tseng Labs Tundra Semiconductor Corp. United Microelectronics
Unknown Vendor Vadem Valley Technologies Inc
Varisys Limited VIA Technology Video Logic Ltd.
VLSI Technology VMware Inc. Vtech Engineering Canada Ltd.
Wipro Infotech Limited Xerox Corporation Xilinx Corporation
Yamaha Corporation    

Device Brief: Audio & Sound Device

What is a Audio & Sound Device driver?

Audio device drivers transform digital signals into sounds that you can hear. So without them, your computer can't fill your speakers with video soundtracks, YouTube audio, or digital music.


Problems Associated with Audio & Sound Device s

Many don't think about how important sound is until it's gone. If sound and audio adapter drivers become corrupted, or they lag behind current technologies, you lose quality in your audio output. Degrade that quality, and your digital music suffers or just goes away.

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