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About Video Drivers:
This page discusses Video Drivers and how to properly identify and download them. It also explains the importance of keeping your drivers up-to-date and some of the challenges with updating Video Drivers. Note: You can automatically download the correct Video Drivers by downloading the DriverUpdate™ Utility below.

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The following article covers:

About Video Drivers

The video card is one of the most powerful, yet complicated, parts of any computer. Also known as a graphical processing unit (GPU), this essential hardware component is responsible for displaying all of the images on a desktop or laptop computer screen. A video card is equipped with a special processor seperate from the central processing unit (CPU) that is designed to execute even the most intense graphical processes with relative ease. Without the video card, there is no display and the portal by which we operate and gain insight into our computers vanishes.

There are two ways to implement a video card in a computer: on-board (integrated) and stand-alone (expanded). On-board graphics processors are directly integrated into the motherboard and cannot be removed. Stand-alone graphics processors are expansions that can be removed, upgraded or replaced if necessary. Stand-alone video cards have an advantage over on-board video cards in nearly every way. Stand-alone video cards have their own supply of dedicated memory, are always faster, and always of higher quality. The only pro to on-board GPU's is the conservation of space and expansion room inside the computer. However, the performance quality of an on-board GPU pales in comparison to the sheer might of a stand-alone unit.

The two biggest leaders in GPU production are nVidia and ATI. Each competes to develop the latest and greatest chip for graphical rendering and display. This healthy competition has driven computer graphical technology to an extreme level of near-realism. Some of the most powerful graphical processing units today are capable of rendering microscopic cellular structure with flawless detail or in contrast, render massive architectural structures in 3D displays.

The video card's job is a complex one and is unique from any other functions of a computer. In order for a video card to produce a complete and clear picture, it requires the assistance of a small, but important piece of software called a driver. The driver contains the instructions for a video card that provides it with the functionality to produce results on the screen.

Video Device Drivers

When you log into Windows, there are a lot of things going on in the background at once. The most noticeable activity is the display. First the background appears, and the taskbar is loaded, and the icons are restored. All of the hidden, background processes that complete a functioning Windows computer are useless without a visible interface to manipulate them with. That interface is written in a graphical code that the video card then processes and displays on screen.

The video driver tells the video card how to understand the size of the screen, how to differentiate between the thousands of pixles on a screen and how to interpret the complex graphical code that completes an image. There are countless factors that are involved in correctly displaying an image. The video driver provides all of the functionality for integrating graphical hardware with a computer, the many other hardware devices that comprise it and the operating system that the user interfaces with.

Drivers can be obtained freely but implementing them has proved to be a challenge for most users. Many have felt that the most frustrating part about updating drivers is flipping through pages upon pages of user manuals and support documentation to find the necessary information about the video card so that the correct driver can be obtained. Then, having to navigate through several pages of links to find a single file.

Common Issues with Video Devices

You'll certainly notice problems with your video device when and if they occur. The screen may create strange anomalies, become blue or black-out entirely. Many users experiencing issues with their graphics cards have reported many strange images and rendering errors. If you're screen is displaying strange images, colors or other anomalies, there is certainly an issue with the graphics processor.

Common causes of failure...

  • The driver is missing or corrupt.
  • The driver is out-of-date.
  • Attempting to run a graphically intensive application with an outdated video driver.
  • Attempting to run an application that surpasses the capabilities of the device.
  • A previous attempt to update the driver failed.

Any of the above listed scenarios could be the reason why you are experiencing issues with your video card. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that this issue should be corrected quickly, before further harm can be done to the computer. The best step to take in troubleshooting an error with a video card is to replace the driver. Drivers are free and can be obtained directly from the manufacturers website. We have also compiled a guide on manually fixing Video Drivers.

However, this can be challenging for many users. Most users find it very frustrating to flip through pages of support documents and user manuals to find the necessary information for obtaining the correct driver. Additionally, navigating the manufacturers website for a single file requires clicking through pages and pages of links and answering several questions about the detailed specifics of the device in question.

How to Easily Download & Fix Video Drivers

When it comes to getting the latest video drivers for your computer, you can either find and install the drivers manually, or use an automated update tool to do the dirty work for you. Using an automated tool removes the risk of installing the wrong video driver and it identifies any other drivers on the computer which need updating. This is a critical step to preventing possible driver conflicts that have been resolved with other devices on the computer.

To avoid the risks, and get the latest official drivers based on your system's unique profile and the devices you have installed use DriverUpdate.

DriverUpdate automatically scans your PC to find the appropriate drivers, verifying your devices and update histories. In less than a minute DriverUpdate will identify all of your devices and any missing or out-of-date driver issues,

Using DriverUpdate not only minimizes the risk of getting the wrong driver, it saves you hours spent searching, validating and checking for driver conflicts manually. ( Click Here To Download DriverUpdate )


DriverUpdate™ Utility

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Operating System: Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP
Release Date: 10/16/2012
Manufacturer: Slimware Utilities
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1MB / 1 Min on Broadband

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Free Scan for Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP Operating Systems. Charges apply for license with premium features. See registration process for full details.

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