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About Lexmark Drivers:
This page discusses Lexmark Drivers and how to properly identify and download them. It also explains the importance of keeping your drivers up-to-date and some of the challenges with updating Lexmark Drivers. Note: You can automatically download the correct Lexmark Drivers by downloading the DriverUpdate™ Utility below.

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The following article covers:

About Lexmark Drivers

Lexmark is an American technology corporation that specializes in the development and production of printing devices and printing accessories. Lexmark printing devices are available for any purpose. Lexmark produces inkjet and laserjet printers that provide capabilities for color, monochrome, dot matrix, photo printing. Additionally, Lexmark also produces all-in-one printing devices that add functionality for copying, scanning and faxing. Lexmark also researches and develops printing technologies for 3rd parties including Dell, IBM and others.

Lexmark researches new ways to develop print and imaging devices at their headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. At its research center, Lexmark has innovated new ideas in their printers that are utilized by many computer users today. Lexmark printing devices are designed to accept only Lexmark print cartridges which Lexmark also develops itself. Lexmark printers communicate with the operating system by utilizing a small piece of software called a driver. The Lexmark printer driver is also developed by Lexmark. The driver contains all of the specialized and unique instructions that the printer uses for normal operation and communication with other hardware devices as well as the operating system.

Lexmark printer drivers remain in development for years after the initial release of their parent devices. Lexmark engages in this practice in order to better their products. The driver software developers attempt to improve the performance of the printer by making changes or improvements to the driver. The changes are tested to measure any increase in performance and the process is repeated until improved results are achieved. Updating the driver for a Lexmark printer will improve the response time between print jobs, the speed of print jobs, ink efficiency and the compatibility between the printer and the operating system.

Lexmark printer driver updates are hosted on Lexmark's website and can be obtained freely. However, locating the correct driver and implementing the software may be challenging for many users. In order to find the appropriate driver, users must have intimate knowledge of their product specifications. Once the driver is obtained, it must be installed to the correct location. Many users find the process of finding, downloading and updating drivers is a time consuming hassle. Furthermore, many users who are attempting to update the Lexmark printer driver due to device or driver errors, often are faced with further issues due to complications with the printer driver installation.

Common Problems with Lexmark Drivers

Lexmark printer failures and errors produced by Lexmark printers often originate from driver issues. If the driver is not present or has become corrupted, the printer may behave unexpectedly or may not function at all. Lexmark printer driver errors can most easily be corrected by updating the driver, yet many users have experienced further errors due to improper driver installation or attempting to replace the Lexmark printer driver with the incorrect driver.

It's important to be able to identify Lexmark printer driver issues by knowing the common symptoms of printer driver failure. The common symptoms of Lexmark printer driver failure are...

Common symptoms of Lexmark printer driver failure...

  • The Lexmark printer is not recognized by Windows.

  • The Lexmark printer is producing errors.
  • The Lexmark printer will not complete a print job.
  • The Lexmark printer produces irregular prints.
  • The Lexmark printer takes a long time initiate a print job.
  • A wirelessly connected Lexmark printer does not appear on the network.

If you are experiencing symptoms like or similar to the ones listed above, it is very likely that there are errors with the Lexmark printer driver. It is not uncommon for Lexmark printer drivers to become corrupted and produce errors, especially if the printer is not operating with the most current available driver. These errors can be produced for many reasons but the main causes of Lexmark printer driver failure are...

Common causes of Lexmark printer driver failure...

  • The driver is out-of-date.

  • The driver is missing or corrupt.
  • The driver does not match the installed device.
  • A previously attempted update failure.
  • Windows version incompatibility.
  • The device is not properly connected and the driver cannot recognize the device.
  • The device is damaged.

The first and best step to take when troubleshooting Lexmark printer driver errors is to update the driver to the most current available version. Not only will the resolve the problem but it will also improve the Lexmark printers performance. To learn how to manually update Lexmark printer drivers, read our Guide to Updating Lexmark Printer Drivers. An alternate, easier method for updating Lexmark printer drivers is to use an automated driver update utility that will streamline the process of finding, downloading and installing all of your drivers with a single click. To learn how to easily update your Lexmark printer drivers and all other device drivers with an automated utility, continue reading below.

How to Easily Download Lexmark Drivers

The easiest and safest way to download the Lexmark drivers your system requires is to use an automatic tool to install the correct drivers for your specific hardware. Since finding the correct Lexmark drivers manually can be time-consuming and installing an incorrect driver could potentially crash your PC, using software that does all the hard work for you is a much faster and safer option.To ensure you get the right drivers for your Lexmark device, we Strongly Recommend using the automated tool, DriverUpdate.

DriverUpdate will automatically determine the official drivers your system needs and download them in the correct order. This guarantees your computer won't encounter errors from incorrect or out-of-date drivers in the future and makes your current driver issues a thing of the past.

The hours spent manually researching, and the inherent risks associated with installing drivers on your computer make using DriverUpdate the best solution.
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DriverUpdate™ Utility

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Release Date: 10/16/2012
Manufacturer: Slimware Utilities
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Free Scan for Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP Operating Systems. Charges apply for license with premium features. See registration process for full details.

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